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Mads Mikkelsen is the first reason why I watch Hannibal; the second reason is everything that the show is - intriguing plots, beautiful cinematography, amazing people behind the show & also the actors & actresses.


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Hannibal Lecter stills - Dr. Hannibal Lecter profile, Season 1

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Sexy Hannibal Lecter Headcanons: A Comprehensive List

  1. At a young age, he hired a female prostitute so he could learn how to best get a woman off— only because he was curious. He got her off like four or five different times, then dismissed her with a ton of sincere…


Film Independent Spirit Awards
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Red Dragon - Chapter 54:

He wondered if, in the great body of humankind, in the minds of men set on civilization, the vicious urges we control in ourselves and the dark instinctive knowledge of those urges function like the crippled virus the body arms against.

He wondered if old, awful urges are the virus that makes vaccine.



Sooooooo…… I’m pretty sure this is self explanatory ~3^
Quick notes,
They are in fact doing the do (in case anyone wonders) ^////^
MerWill isn’t in pain, he’s just a little overwhelmed because it’s his first time sexing as a Mer ◇//3//◇

I was sitting next to my mum as I drew this, and she said she felt sorry for gay mermen because they don’t have buttholes…. and I was like “Ma, of course mermen have buttholes!! Fish poop too you know!” And she replied with “but I bet fish penises are too small to do anything good” so I explained to her about how MerJunk works while she yelled over me “LALALALALALALALALA!!!!”

Lesson of this story, don’t ask me questions if you don’t want a detailed and illustrated answer.

Hannibal TV Line interview: sex with Hannibal

Bryan: If you met Mads and you didn't know he ate anybody, wouldn't you want to shag him rotten?
Caroline: Absolutely!
Aaron: Someone who says they wouldn't have sex with Hannibal is...
Scott: Even if I knew he was a killer, I'd have sex with him. I mean, that's hotter.
Scott: (to Caroline) What kind of sex do you think you guys would have had?
Caroline: ... really awesome sex.
Scott: I know, but like... weird?
Aaron: Oh.
Scott: Like, kinky?
Bryan: Like in the butt?
Scott: That's not weird.
Aaron: (laughing) In the butt!
Interviewer: ...I think I'm gonna start wrapping this up.

The 8th Annual Pajiba 10: The Ten Most Bangable Stars on the Planet []


Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Season 2 Gag Reel



Expectations Vs. Reality / Hannibal (x)


Hannibal vs Mads | Season 2 [x]

Season 1


side profile appreciation (x)

Adventures of Gillian losing her mic down her shirt [x]


Here is Mads and Hugh’s message to the Fannibals at the panel today! They couldn’t make it :(

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